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Description: CLEANER /PENETRANT/DEVELOPER WESAF DP SET is a non-destructive, three-part, dye penetrant system, for fast and reliable crack detection. It is designed for checking welded joints and engineering components for hairline cracks and fractures. Ideal for all non-porous materials including; most metals, plastics, and ceramics. Tested to ASTM E165 and IS-3658.We also conform to RDSO Specification No.M&C/NDT/105/2001.

Uses : Cracks, lack of fusion and open cavities in welded parts Cracks and cavities caused by metal fatigue and cutting operations Check of porosity or leaks in pipes, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers Discontinuities, laps, folds and cracks in castings, forgings and ceramics

GRADE Quantity
3601, 3602, 3603 280ml, 400ml 1, 5 Ltr.


Description: Weather resistant long lasting anti- spatter coating. Prevents spatter from adhering to weld beads, surrounding metal surfaces & welding tips during welding. Anti-spatter sprays build highly effective protection against welding spatter in the gas nozzle area, on the workpiece, and the welding fixtures and are easy to handle.

Applications: Heavy duty-effective even on the most severe high amperage weld spattering, unlike normal anti-spatter sprays. Fully non-flammable formulation with a non-flammable Co2 propellant for higher user safety as well as higher actual coverage (97% actives vs 65% max actives in hydrocarbon propelled aerosol sprays).

GRADE Quantity
2233 450gm


Description: Anti-Spatter Liquid is a ready-to-use water-soluble, non-toxic product developed to address the performance and environmental concerns of metal fabricators. By prolonging the life of your consumables and reducing the need for downtime. Anti-Spatter Liquid can help to reduce your operating and maintenance costs. Reduces the risk of joint puddling and greatly reduces preparation time prior to final painting. Does not affect any subsequent galvanizing or painting operations. Evaporates under normal weld temperatures. Dichloromethane and silicone-free. Non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable

Optimum Component protection for steel zinc –plated steel, stainless steel, etc. Suitable for all common welding techniques: MIG/MAG welding spot welding, laser welding MIG brazing, etc. Optimum component protection for steel, Zinc-plated steel, etc.

GRADE Quantity
4210, 4211, 4212 1, 5, 50 Ltrs.


Description : For MIG Nozzles, Resistance Welding Electrodes, Positioners, Jigs etc. Indefinitely increases nozzle and contact tip life insures easy weld spatter removal. Minimizes electrode fusion to contact tip under high voltage conditions. Excellent results with all hard wires and aluminium. Contains no Silicones, Sulphur or Nitrogen but increases Arc stability when present in Co2 and mixed gases. There are no harmful hydrocarbon solvents so it does not attract harmful elements to phosphating or paint. When used prevents clogging of threads and orifices.

Features : • Non – Flammable • Non – Toxic • Silicon Free • Odourless • Convenient to use • No wastage • Does not cause Porosity • One Dip gives more than 8 hour life

GRADE Quantity
2110, 2113, 300gm

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