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Type 72-9 Combination Ladder

Heavy Duty, 3 Section Industrial Combination Aluminium Ladder • Can be used as a standing ladder or standing ladder with an extending ladder at the top. • This model is specially designed for electric operation handing service and the industrial work for high altitude. • The top section is extended by means of a rope and fixed on the desired height using automatic safety steel hooks.

Norton Metal Grinding Disc 115 x 6.0mm – 66252828133

Dimensions (mm): 115 X 6.0 X 22.23 Part No. : 66252828133 Specification: A24R, Max: 13300rpm, 80 M/S Shape: BF27 Materials: Metal Machine: Angle Grinder Quality Tier: Entry (++)

Norton Mounted Points 86A – Shape B52 (10x20mm) – 66253055232

Dimensions (mm): 10x20mm Part No. : 66253055232 Abrasive: 86A Highly refined pink aluminium oxide abrasive Specification: Grit 90, Grade O, Bond VS, 41000rpm Shape: B52 Materials: Steel Machine: Pneumatic Grinder / Die-Grinder / Mini-Grinder Quality Tier: Good (+++)

Norton Nylon Back-up Pad (115mm) – M14 Hard – 69957382828

Dimensions (mm): 115 Part No. : 69957382828 Specification: M14 Thread, Max rpm 13300 Density: Hard Machine: Angle Grinder

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