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Norton Blaze Rapid Strip 115mm Depressed Centre Disc – 66623303783

Dimensions (mm): 115x22 Part No. : 66623303783 Specification: Code R9101, Max: 12000rpm, 80 M/S Shape: Type 27 (Depressed Centre) Materials: All metals, fibreglass, composites Machine: Angle Grinder Quality Tier: Best (+++++)

NORTON RAPID BLEND 115mm U4401 NEX Unified discs with backing 3SF – 66254461726

Dimensions (mm): 114.3x12.7 Part No. : 66254461726 Specification: CODE: U4401, Max: 12000rpm, Grit: FIne, Colour: Grey Shape: Type 27Depressed centre disc Materials: Stainless steel (Inox), Carbon Steel, Special Alloys, Aluminium & non-ferrous Machine: Angle Grinder Quality Tier: Good (+++)  

Norton VORTEX RAPID PREP – Medium – RED 115mm – S2303 – 66623378977

Dimensions (mm): 115x22mm Part No. : 66623378977 Specification: Code S2303, Grade: VORTEX MEDIUM Shape: SCM Self-Grip with Removable 22mm Centre Hole Materials: Stainless Steel (Inox), Carbon Steel Machine: Angle Grinder Quality Tier: Better (++++)