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Euroboor EBM.360 Cordless Magnectic Drill


Number ONE Cordless Drilling Machine

The Euroboor EBM.360, our battery powered magnetic drilling machine with a unique electromagnet, is making its world premiere. This agile, compact and lightweight cordless machine provides absolute freedom of movement. It’s hardworking and smart as well, with battery life LED-indicators to guarantee your safety. The unique EBM.360 rapidly slices through material up to 50 mm thick and is loaded with useful and award winning features. The powerful enhanced motor is designed to squeeze every ounce of performance from the strong Lithium-Ion power pack.

Euroboor F16 Magnetic Universal Drill Stand

Flexible universal drill stand with plug connection for hand drills with twist drill capacity up to 16 mm. Thanks to the plug connection the operator is offered central switch operation.  The F16 enables you to drill, tap, ream and countersink perfectly straight with high stability. The high power magnet force of 1200 kg offers a secure grip hold during your operation.

Euroboor Magnetic Stick

Magic Stick
Magnetic stick for cleaning up metal chips.

Euroboor Permanent Lifting Magnet

  • Safe, light, and low maintenance;
  • Safety factor 3 ++;
  • High safety margin;
  • Suitable for plate and round material;
  • Special safety system prevents unsuspected deactivation;
  • Simple one-hand operation;
  • Suitable for temperatures around 80¬∞ C.
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