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Euroboor Cobalt Drill Bit Set

TDS.100 Twist drill set ø 1 -10 mm, increasing by 0,5 mm increments
Order code: TDS.100
EAN: 8718375414651
14-piece HSS-Co (M35) twist drill set, sizes √∏ 1 -10 mm, increasing by 0,5 mm increments. Suitable for every drill chuck 25 drills.

Euroboor F16+ Universal Magnetic Drill Stand



43mm Euro collar connection (optional 33mm and 38mm filler rings included as standard) - Perfect solution for high precision small diameter drilling tasks - User-friendly controls Every F16 is delivered fully equipped in a sturdy and organized suitcase.


LENGTH 310 mm
WIDTH 170 mm
HEIGHT 325 - 495 mm
STROKE 170 mm
WEIGHT 7,5 kg
MAGNET (l x w x h) 160 x 80 x 36
VOLTAGE 110V/220V - 50/60 Hz

Tapershank Drill Bit

Model No Size
ACC2330-15 Tapershank Drill Bit 15mm
ACC2330-18 Tapershank Drill Bit 18mm

Unika Cobalt Drill Bit

Model No Size
UNIK2001-14C Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 14mm
UNIK2001-15C Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 15mm
UNIK2001-16C Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 16mm
UNIK2001-17CH Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 17mm - Half Shank
UNIK2001-18CH Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 18mm - Half Shank
UNIK2001-19CH Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 19mm - Half Shank
UNIK2001-20CH Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 20mm - Half Shank
UNIK2001-25CH Unika Cobalt Drill Bit 25mm - Half Shank

Unika Step Bit

Model No Size
UNIK2002-1 Unika Step Bit 4-39mm
UNIK2002-1C Unika Step Bit 4-32mm - Cobalt