Cutting Tools

For industrial application and optimum results.

Ozar offers a wide range of High-Speed Steel (HSS) cutting tools & Solid Carbide cutting tools.  These include Carbide Tip Tool Set, Countersinks, Cut Off Blades, Cutters, Lathe Tools, Reamers, Taps and Dies, Tool Bits, dies, drills, end mills, extractors, knurls & knurling tools, milling cutters, circular saws, taps, tool bit holders & trepanning tools.


Made with the high-end raw material


Sharp blades for application-driven results


Perfect for precise industrial application


Thick coatings on the tips for long lasting life

Hand Tools

Affordable Hand Tools range like Wrenches, Adjustable Scraper, and Deburring Tool, Bench Vices, Chisels, Chuck, Hacksaws, Hammers, Hand Blowers, Magnetic Clamps, Mini Clamps, Pick-Up Tools, Scrappers, Scribers and many more for each type of industry.

Industrial Tools

We offer an extensive array of high-quality industrial Tools like Angel Plates, Arbors, Boring Bars, Clamps, Cut Off Tool Blocks, Cutter, Drill Chucks, Wheel Dressers, Vices, Tool Holders, Tables, T-Slot Cleaner, Solid-Lathe Centres, Spark Knurls for Knurling Tool Holders, Sockets, Single Point Diamond Dressers, Rocker Tool Post, Quick Change Tool Post, Magnetic Chucks, Machinist Jack, Lathe Chuck Keys,   Boring Heads, Drill Drifts, Drill Sleeves, Fly Cutter Holders and many more to meet needs of the industry.

Lubrication Tools

We offer an extensive range of lubricating tools such as Flexible Grease Gun Hoses, Four Jaw Hydraulic Coupler, Oil cans, Oil Suction Gun, and many more that are usable in various industrial and commercial works. The lubricant can be a solid, a liquid such as oil or water, liquid-liquid dispersion, or a gas.

Ozar Precision Tools

A precision tool is a metal cutting tool for precision machining of parts. There are precision-type lathes, drilling and boring machines, grinders, gear cutters, and milling machines.

Ozar has an extensive array of Precision Tools such as

  • Center Finder,
  • Clamps,
  • Dial Comparator Stand,
  • Dividers and Calipers,
  • Edge Finder,
  • Protractors,
  • Rules,
  • Steel Squares,
  • Screw Pitch Gauge,
  • Slotted Angle Plates,
  • V-Block and many more.

Alok Tools is a precision tools provider giving value to our customers with first-rate Quality and Service while maintaining the integrity and fair pricing.

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