Weld Preparation & Finishing In 4 Easy Steps

Read on for the detailed step by step process…

Let’s have a look at how you can do weld preparation and finishing in 4 easy steps on Carbon Steel. In summary:
  1. Cutting Off – with Norton Quantum Ultra Thin Cut
  2. Cleaning – with Norton Blaze Rapid Strip
  3. Bevelling – with Norton Quantum Fibre Discs
  4. Weld Seam Removal – with Norton Vulcan Flap Discs


Norton Quantum cutting off wheels are easy to use, easy to steer and deliver consistent results. No dust, no smell so the process is more comfortable.
Norton Quantum is a very comfortable disc to use, offering the longest life on the market.

Norton Quantum Cutting Off Wheels


Blaze Rapid Strip discs are best used at a 10-15° angle to quickly eliminate unwanted coatings and corrosion, with minimal stock removal. It’s a truly versatile product, as you can achieve a more aggressive action as you increase the pressure. It’s comfortable to use without damaging or gouging components.

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Discs


Norton Quantum F996 Fibre discs in P36 combined with a hard serrated back-up pad is the best option. It’ll remove material quickly, and the flat contact area makes it easy to control and help generate the required angle.

Norton Quantum Fibre Discs


After welding, use a Norton Vulcan R842 in grit P60 to quickly remove the weld seam and generate a finish ready for paint or other surface coatings.

Norton Vulcan Flap Disc (P60)

Improve efficiency and get value for your money with Norton abrasives. We have a solution for every stage of the metal fabrication process.

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