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63-8 Standing step ladder

Type 63 Standing Step Ladder Heavy Duty • Galvanized steel hinges. • Wide non slip steps. • Non skid rubber feet.

Euroboor ADG.2A Air Die Angle Grinder

Air Die Grinder (angle) with rear exhaust and variable speed. The lightweight aluminum housing and bi-color soft grip ensure superior performance and great control. Our Air Grinders are shipped in a carrying case including a mini-box with 10 rotary burrs.

Euroboor Annular Cutter – HSS

Euroboor Annular Cutter HSS x 30. Euroboor Annular Cutter HSS x 55.
12mm - 50mm 12mm - 50mm

Euroboor EDC.135 Dry cut-off saw

The EDC.135 is a dry cut-off saw. You don't need cooling or lubricating oil any longer with this sawing machine. This dry cut-off saw is equipped with a saw blade fitted with strong metal teeth. Extremely suitable for cutting steel, aluminum, copper and wood.

EUROBOOR ERM.100/3 Annular Cutter Resharpener

The ERM.100/3 core drill grinding machine sharpens HSS and TCT annular cutters in the most flexible manner. The robust construction and specific design enable easy operation sharpening cutters with maximum precision.

Euroboor Permanent Lifting Magnet

  • Safe, light, and low maintenance;
  • Safety factor 3 ++;
  • High safety margin;
  • Suitable for plate and round material;
  • Special safety system prevents unsuspected deactivation;
  • Simple one-hand operation;
  • Suitable for temperatures around 80¬∞ C.
Items available:10

Euroboor Saw Blade

230.0003 Saw blade √ò 230 TCT mm/9" steel 48T  

Euroboor TCT Annular Cutters

Nane Size
Annular TCT Cutter Set
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
Annular Cutter TCT
 x 35mm (6pcs)
12mm x 55mm
14mm x 55mm
15mm x 55mm
16mm x 55mm
18mm x 55mm
20mm x 55mm
22mm x 55mm
24mm x 55mm
55mm (6pcs)

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