Everything Norton Abrasives & Surface Preparation

Finish faster with Norton Rapid Prep Discs

The Norton Rapid Prep disc portfolio is cutting-edge technology for all blending and finishing applications. Our surface conditioning discs have been engineered to save time and money in all preparation applications, offering performance, excellence and value for money. These are non-woven discs with 2-3 times longer life, process stage elimination and reduced rework.

See below how the Rapid Prep and Vortex Rapid Prep range give you the advantage over other discs (used with a back-up pad).

Our Norton Range of Wire Brushes

Norton offers a broad range of wire brushes suitable for a number of surface processing applications. The range includes crimped & knotted wire wheel brushes (and also brushes for use by hand.)

These are high quality machine brushes for stripping and cleaning paint, rust and scale from metal.

We have available a range of Norton Industrial Wire Brushes that are specially designed for brushing hard-to-reach places such as edges and corners. Ideal for removing rust, corrosion, paint & primers.

  • Twist Knotted Wire Wheel Brushes
  • Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes
  • Twist Knotted Wire Cup Brushes
  • Crimped Wire Cup Brushes


Norton Beartex Hand Pads Standard Sanding Sheets with Aluminium Oxide abrasive. Hand pads are ideal for a broad range of applications from cleaning and finishing to deburring and light polishing operations. The flexibility of Bear-Tex products ensures constant contact with the surface and prevents cutting of gouging when working. Can be folded to suit hand / shape. Surface finishing hand pads are made of a non-woven nylon web impregnated with abrasive grain and resin bond.


  • Light- to heavy-duty cleaning, deburring, blending, polishing, and finishing of metal, wood, composite, plastics, stone, solid surface and painted surfaces.

Abrasive Grain

  • Aluminum Oxide / Silicon Carbide Ultra Fine

Hand Pad Features

  • Flexible; conform to work surface
  • Gentle action easily removes flashing or burrs without affecting dimension of workpiece
  • Non-loading; constant supply of new cutting edges
  • Non-rusting; no work piece contamination
  • Resilient construction; long life, increased productivity; solvent resistant; waterproof

Sponge Pad Features

  • Non-woven material is laminated to a long lasting sponge for the convenience of 2 pads in one
  • Superior replacement for steel wool
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