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Euroboor EDC.135 Dry Cut-Off Saw

The EDC.135 is a dry cut-off saw. You don't need cooling or lubricating oil any longer with this sawing machine. This dry cut-off saw is equipped with a saw blade fitted with strong metal teeth. Extremely suitable for cutting steel, aluminum, copper and wood.

Euroboor EHC.230/4 Circular Cut-Off Saw

Practical and powerful circular cut-off saw, especially for metal with 230 mm saw blade, laser positioning, chip collector and a stable guide plate. With the powerful motor, the strongly geared sawing machine makes slicing through metal, as thick as 10 mm, easy and safe.

Norton Metal Cutting Disc 350 x 3.0mm (NEON for Chop Saw Cut-Off on METAL) – 66252844892

Dimensions (mm): 350x3.0x25.4 Part No. : 66252844892 Specification: A30S-BF41, 80 M/S Shape: Type 41 (Flat) Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel (Inox), Cast Iron, Metal Machine: Masonry / Chop Saw Quality Tier: Good (+++)


Makita LW1400 14" Cut-Off Saw with Tool-Less Wheel Change

Norton Vulcan Universal 350mm – Diamond Cutting Blade – 70184643394

Dimensions (mm): 350x25,4 Part No. : 70184643394 Specification: Max: 5500rpm, 100 M/S Shape: Sintered Segmented Materials: Bricks, Concrete Blocks, Universal Building Materials Machine: Handheld Cut-off Saw, Masonry Saw, Floor Saw