United Tools Limited Kenya

Power Tools, Hand Tools, Egineering Tools, Ladders, & Accessories


At United Tools Limited Kenya, we offer services to various industries that include Automotive, Refinery, Manufacturing, Construction, Installation & Testing, Education, Agriculture, NGOs, Hospitality, Metal, and Wood workshops.

For these markets, we offer a wide variety of Power Tools both corded and cordless, Pneumatic Tools, Engineering Tools, Hand Tools, Ladders, Construction Equipment, Agribusiness, and Outdoor DIY Equipment as well as Tool Spares and Accessories.

Ozar (Made in India) features a range of high-quality tools for engineering and workshop. See the range of lubrication tools:
  • ✅ Bucket Grease Pumps (6, 10 & 16kg), ✅ Oil Cans, ✅ Hydraulic Coupler, ✅ Rotary Barrel Hand Pump
  • ✅ Lever Grease Gun, ✅ Grease Gun Push Type, ✅ Flexible Grease Hose ✅ Rotary Chemical Barrel Hand Pump